We want to change the way fish gets

to your plate on a large scale.

Our main business is to produce fresh, good tasting Rainbow Trout in a sustainable way. Our employees are professionals in fish farming and processing, water engineering (RAS), circular economic and Project Management. We are all part of ensuring that we get healthy, ecological rainbow trout for the sake of ecosystems, ocean, for the planet and your health.

We have plans to grow and build gigafactories close to the market that have the optimal ecosystem. For this we need process engineering skills for highly automated environment, able to handle large scale projects with a lot of counter parts. People who are eager to build and develop the industry in a sustainable way on a global scene. Professionals who take responsibilities and want to grow their expertise in the Fish farming area and RAS technology.

We have duties in our production units as well as development duties when expanding the business to more sites and more countries.

If this sound like something for you, do not hesitate to send an open application to